Retention and account deletion

Data retention

The plan of your subscriptions designates the monitoring data retention period. Retention period of the each plan is like this:

  • Hobbyist: 1 week
  • Basic: 1 month
  • Pro: 6 months
  • Business: 1 year

If a longer period is obligatory for your line of work, please reach out to us.

Delete your account and data

You can delete your account and data anytime.

To delete your account and all data related to your account,

  1. Hover over your avatar on the web application Profile settings
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Delete Organization under Organization Settings
  4. Review the explanations and click again on Delete organization under the text

Your account and related personal information are deleted immediately. Due to data handling processes, your monitoring data are deleted within a maximum of 7 days.

When you delete your account, all data related to the account will be deleted irreversibly. If you are not sure, you can just delete your alerts and keep your account and data.