What is a Status Page?

Status page is simply a gateway to users. Successful companies are removing the wall between their users and DevOps with public announcement pages ?.

With a public status page, you can

  • publish performance of your system to your customers for more transparency,
  • update for any ongoing difficulties on the infrastructure (we know everyone has their servers on fire now and then),
  • close the gap between your DevOps and audience.

When website monitoring meets status pages, it is easier for your customers to be aware of any ongoing incident by checking your status page. It is also very convient for DevOps to announce any interruption on your service through an offical status page.

WebGazer status pages are very easy to set up and maintain. You can add a collection of services you monitor with WebGazer on a status page. You can group services in a way that it is the most relevant to your audience groups. It is also possible to publish these pages through custom domains of your choosing.

You can also publish custom messages through the announcement box. These could be simple announcements like:

  • Our engineers are working on the issue.
  • We will be operational in less than one hour.

You can check our status page here to see more details.

Status pages are offered only on Pro and Business plans. If you want to test it out, you can activate a 14-day trial on Pro plan on the web application.

πŸ’‘ Learn more about status pages on Setting up a Status Page.